Ron Schnell's Dunnet Questions

How do you login to the Vax in Dunnet?

Did you check out the bins across the hall?  Oftentimes people use their last name as their username and their first name as their password.

Can you give me a list of commands for Dunnet?

In a text adventure, part of the game is figuring out the vocabulary.  I won't help you cheat.  But come on, Lisp is an interpreted language, and the source is on your machine.  If you get desperate, read the source.

I finished the game, and it gave me the "Wizard's Password".  How do I use it?

If you notice, there are a couple of built-in commands when you
are logged-in to pokey. If you do

$ echo $varname

you can actually see the value of most of the lisp variables in the
game. For example:

$ echo $dun-current-room

will show you your current room number, and

$ echo $dun-inventory

will show you your inventory.

If you have the wizard's password, you can also do variable assignments,
such as:

$ dun-current-room=24

will change your current room to room number 24, and

$ dun-inventory='(1 5 7 9)

will set your inventory to be those items. You can also include lisp
function calls.

There is also a full cheat file

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